Tradition and Innovation: InfoBall is Coming Soon in Budapest

The third InfoBál – the InfoBall – will take place February 18th 2017, in InterContinental Budapest. The most elegant annual event of the Hungarian infocom industry is a very special social meeting: representatives of the most innovative and dynamic branch enjoy here the formalities of old traditions.

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In 2017, Hungarians commemorate the Compromise between Austria and Hungary that took place 150 years ago. This historical reconciliation gave the region a new momentum in all fields of the societies. Referring to this 150 anniversary InfoBall this year gets a very traditional touch: it will be a starry revival of the traditional ball culture with live classic music and Wiener walzer as opening dances. Guests are invited to the dance floor to participate in the opening show with Hungarian dance champions. Old traditional customs will also be shortly recalled in the show. As already twice before, InfoBál will again organise a silent charity auction, offering nice and valuable paintings of Hungarian contemporary fine artists from Budapest.

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Miklós Seszták, Minister for national development, as main patron supports the infocom industry’s event that will certainly be the jewel of the coming ball season. The Hungarian government in this way sets a high value on the InfoBál organisers’ approach to traditions and charity. Sándor Oroján, main organiser of the InfoBall, said that, when finally selecting InterContinental Budapest, he was looking for an undivided space that would be capable of comfortably hosting 600 guests. Oroján hopes that the third InfoBall will be the largest one by the number of the attendees in its history, and it will very probably be the most attended ball in this season in Budapest.

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